Sometimes this is actually kind of cool. Sometimes.



If nothing else, my dissertation research experience has helped me explore new avenues of research and gotten me interested in a lot of different areas and research agendas.  I have questions that could last an entire career.

I’m in the process of writing my literature review right now – a long, tedious process that’s also pretty enjoyable when it’s not excruciating.  It’s kind of like studying for quals on steroids.  I get to read all of these really interesting books, chapters, and articles that are directly connected to my research and think about the ways in which researchers before me conceptualized of my problem.  I get to also see what kinds of research they deemed necessary for stepping forward, and see how my research and my future ideas fit into that niche.

It’s really kind of a cool process, when it’s not horribly frustrating and slow and recursive.  I really thought that writing this was going to be a somewhat linear process.  Four sections, bang ’em out, boom.  HA!  It’s not.