Hi.  I’m Lissa, the author of Lissertating.  I’m a social sciences PhD candidate in my late 20s, and as you have probably guessed, I am dissertating.

Yes, dissertating is a verb.

I started this blog so that I could 1) reflect upon the process of writing a dissertation, 2) years from now go back and remember what writing the dissertation was like for me – without the rosy outlook of someone many years removed from the process, and 3) share one PhD candidate’s dissertation experiences with the world.  The idea of writing a 200+ page paper was kind of a black box to me when I began my program, so I’m hoping that anyone who stumbles across this can use it to get an idea (if an idiosyncratic, highly personal one) about what it might be like to write a dissertation.

I also started it so that I could reflect upon current events and health, education, and politics-related news from the lens of a social scientist.  Learning to think like a social scientist has changed the way that I view the world and its events tremendously, and I like to reflect upon them.

So in that sense, I am “dissertating” (or “lissertating”) in two ways: the more formal one required for my degree, and the less formal method of writing about my thoughts on this blog.

Occasionally, I might geek out about the other things I like: video games, technology & gadgets, anime & manga, running/swimming/biking, cooking, baking, and reading.


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