A member of my family graduated from high school last Monday, and so I trekked home to see her graduate.  I met with my advisor the Wednesday before the trek.  Our goal was to distribute my dissertation by last Friday, because I have to defend by a certain date and distributing then would’ve enabled me to have a lot of flexibility in that date.  My advisor said that he would send me the feedback he had on my dissertation that Friday – I think it was 5/14 – and that I would get my edits back to him by the beginning of the following week so that I could distribute 5/23.  This would’ve been totally doable.

Instead, an entire two weeks went by in which not only did I not get any feedback from my advisor, I also heard absolutely zero from him despite trying to contact him at least twice during the time I was gone.  I had tons of downtime to do what I needed to do on this dissertation in the time.

I didn’t hear from him until this morning – ironically, the day I came back, the day I was planning to show up at his office and be like “Yo Sponsor, wtf are you doin?!”  He apologized for the delay.  STILL NO EDITS.  I meet with him tomorrow morning to get his feedback.  He says he thinks I can have it done in two days and distribute but that has made me late, so I have to hope to god that 1) my committee is very available and open and/or 2) that the DGS of my department will allow flexibility of a few days (here at My U you have to distribute a certain number of days before your defense, which means they won’t schedule a defense before distribution + X days.  It’s really an excessive amount of time and not all departments follow the rules, but ours does).


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