Oh Model. Why won’t you work.


So…my models aren’t working out the way that I want them to.  I proposed a statistical mediation model and my X isn’t even preducting my Y, much less being related through an M between the two of them.

 I know this doesn’t mean I won’t graduate (lol) but I am a bit bummed because it’ll be harder to get any publishable articles out of this.  I also need to explore some alternate stuff.  I started exploring the relationship between the M and the Y and there’s none of that, either.  I still haven’t looked at a fourth variable I’m interested in – there may be some stuff there, and I plan to explore it a little tomorrow morning and Friday – but jeez, it’s a bit depressing.

I’m also sick now, so of course I didn’t feel like doing anything today besides listlessly clicking through websites and shit.